Remove Porn Files From Your PC

Remove Unwanted Porn Files

Sharing your home computer with other members of the household may be a risky business. You never know what someone else might have downloaded or saved to your hard drive. Workplace PC's, too, easily be the hiding place of illicit material and links to porn websites.

Offensive images and links don't necessarily have to be downloaded or accessed intentionally either. These days most people's internet experiences are often peppered with unwelcome pop-ups containing porn images, and its not completely unheard of for some images to have mysteriously been downloaded onto the user's computer via the internet.

Clean Up Your Act

Don't be caught with your pants down! Whether it be at work or at home, clean up your act by doing a periodic scan of your computer. In the workplace, penalties for PC's containing illicit material sometimes carry hefty penalties. In the home, the penalty could be exposing your children to material you'd rather they didn't have access to.

It pays to not be complacent and to remove porn and other unwanted material from your computer. Do a regular check scan of your PC to help you locate and remove porn files, as well as removing internet links to adult sites.